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About Me

My name is Osnat Oliva and I'm a creative person.

I live and create in Israel.

Growing up, I realized that creativity is the central quality of my personality and that it is expressed in my unique way of thinking and in the way I'm looking at the world.

I started my way in the art world with visual communication studies, where I first became acquainted with terms such as composition, shape and line. After Collage I worked several years as graphic designer but I gradually felt unsatisfied; that I need to find a different path to create. Quitting my job lead me to discover my real essence:

I was born to be a painter.

I was exposed to the magic of the painting world at Israel Hershberg's school. I remember the first day in the studio; Easels stand in a circle around the model stage with canvases decorated with juicy paint spots. I was captured by the magic.

I studied there 6 years. During five summers I participated in the landscape programs the school had in Italy, every year with a different artist guest. In those years I learned the painting language. Language of abstract observation; Spots and lines, tones and edges.
In my early years as a painter, I painted and drew only from observation.

I feel nature has the most various shapes, more than my imagination can provide me. But I'm not satisfied with nature alone anymore. I'm seeking for something beyond it, compositions that suggest something more abstract, more magical. So in my recent works I'm combining several motifs into one composition, using nature language in order to create something new that isn’t realistic. I'm drawn to complicated compositions, full of shapes and movement and interested in varying my painting language, and would like to achieve more textured and rich surfaces.
For me, the painting world is a fascinating journey with endless possibilities. The world is full of pictorial motifs, and as an artist, I must refine my senses, identify and hunt them in my own special way.

I feel blessed to find my destiny as a painter.

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